Covid-19 and Construction

When: Mon April 6 6:30 PM - Mon July 6 7:30 PM

Established 1963 Celebrating 50 Years


SRCA members support architects

and construction professionals with a

full understanding of commercial and

industrial roofing products, techniques

and technologies. As the client of a

SRCA member, you benefit from

genuine professionalism based on

years of practical, hands-on experience.

SRCA members can help you find

optimal roofing solutions for any

commercial or industrial construction

or renovation project.

Member Spotlight

Covertite Eastern Ltd
Action Roofing LTD.
Clark Roofing (1964) Ltd.
Duncan Roofing Ltd.
Haid Roofing Ltd.
Century Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd
Thorpe Industries Ltd.
Custom Roofing Inc
Flynn Canada Ltd.
Atlas-Apex Roofing (Sask) Inc
Raven Roofing (Sask) Ltd.