Code of Ethics

A requirement of membership in the Saskatchewan Roofing Contractors’ Association is the obligation to conduct corporate business activity and to encourage and support Association action which will promote the advancement of the roofing contracting industry in Saskatchewan, the welfare of members, their employees and the Association and, in the final analysis, the provision of quality work.

Members of the Saskatchewan Roofing Contractors’ Association, therefore, are committed to:

  1. Cooperate with prime contractors and other trades so as to provide the best in the quality of work in conformity with applicable laws in Saskatchewan and accepted standards of business morality.
  2. Abide by the Bylaws and Rules & Regulations of the Association.
  3. Be aware of the policy recommendations of the association in respect of specification standards, established tolerances, competitive practices and the assumption of contractor liability in their moral best interests as contractors, in those of their competitors and in those of the association and the purchasers of roof application service.
  4. Employ and utilize only highly skilled and technically qualified trades persons, and refrain from raiding competitors’ work forces.
  5. Refrain from competitive practices which would have the effect of influencing for or against union or non-union contractors.
  6. Respect the principles, rules and procedures of Bid Depositories where these are in effect.
  7. Recognize the role of design and specifying authorities and cooperate with them in the fullest sense provided that professional and quality standards are not compromised.
  8. Recognize the role of material and other suppliers and their relationships with roofing contractors, design and specifying authorities and purchasers of roofing application service and ensure that the relationships are productive and non-compromising.
  9. Recognize the need for a serious concern for the welfare of their employees including their occupational health and safety and the adoption of policy and action to ensure this.
  10. Cooperate one with the other so that membership in SRCA is seen by others as being synonymous with the conduct of business on the basis of accuracy, truth, integrity, and good faith.

As competition is fundamental to the free enterprise system, the main and underlying principle of this code is ethical competitive practice.
Membership in the Saskatchewan Roofing Contractors’ Association recognizes and requires a pledge to observe this principle.