Compliance Program


All active SRCA members must complete this training program as a condition of membership.

Any questions or concerns that arise during training may be directed to the SRCA Compliance Officer and/or SRCA Manager as follows:

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8. Executive Director
Sharon Thom
Sask Roofing Contractors Assoc
2059 Arthur Street Regina, SK, Canada S4T4W9
Phone: 306.721.8020
Fax: 306.721.8021


Part 1: Review the prohibition order provided to all members by Manager Sharon Thom, and review the Competition Act, accessible at

Part 2: Download and Read the “Competition Compliance Program” and all appendices, found at

Part 3: Complete the Compliance Comprehension Assessment, located at appendix B of the Program.

Part 4: Read and complete the Acknowledgement at appendix C of the Program.

Part 5: Send the completed Assessment and Acknowledgement to Sharon Thom, at the contact information above.